Ephraim Project

Feeding the Hungry

Food service guests in July: 1,113
Meals served in July: 1,284 @ $3 each
Food service volunteers in July: 138

Clothing the Naked

Clothing closet guests in July: 346
Clothing items distributed in July: 2,938
Shoes distributed in July: 106 pairs
Hygiene items distributed in July: 1,118
Clothing closet volunteers in July: 89

Lifting Heavy Burdens, Breaking Yokes, Setting Captives Free

In July...
  • Deone Adams is officially in Antiqua, Virgin Islands, shipped back penniless with only the clothes on his back, no ID - nothing. We shipped his clothes to him and included $150 to get his birth certificate and ID, which he now has. He is interviewing there for a job and has found a temporary place to live.
  • We helped a family of four restore electricity to their trailer home.
  • We paid another's electric bill so she could keep her apartment.
  • We helped a family of three remain in their home after receiving an eviction notice. Husband seeking a job, wife just had gall bladder surgery and cannot work - they got behind in their rent.
  • We placed Bobby Wheeler, recuperating from brain surgery, in a private home for the next 40 days, paid his rent and medications, and supplied bed and bedding.
  • We paid three apartment rental fees.
  • We won a SSI case for Ashley Mobley - $14,044 back pay and $710 / month going forward.